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In addition to gushing over cute onesies and blankets, the ladies celebrated more in the style of a Bachelorette bash.

Amy, 52, and her crew sipped champagne and played a game of “pin the panties on the granny,” a much raunchier version of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Then, after Amy opened all her G-rated presents, Lisa brought out one more gift. We have a special surprise,” she coyly said as she handed Amy a package. ” Luckily for the shy Amy, one surprise did not materialize.

(When my father called to announce my birth, she exclaimed, “I’ve finally got my girl!

”) While I was in primary school, Grandma and I sewed doll clothes on her Singer, gathered string beans and tomatoes from her garden, watched romantic movies while eating buttered popcorn, and played with makeup and nail polish.

“And he’s quite a kisser, I’ll tell you, but the other day he tried something I wasn’t ready for.”When I called in November, Grandma told me she’d bought Boyfriend a new suit because she wanted to take him to the family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Even though everyone else would be casual, Grandma insisted on being accompanied by a well-appointed man.

I remembered her arguments with Grandpa about his old “dungarees” and terrible barber. For Christmas, Boyfriend gave Grandma a silver and diamond necklace.

Smart man: the way to Grandma’s QVC-addicted heart has always been jewelry. While I was at lunch on December 29th in Istanbul, Grandma’s ninetieth birthday party was just finishing up in New York.

In October, Grandma said her beau had started coming into the house for a cup of decaf after their dinner dates.“It’s a little awkward with someone who works on the farm, is your employee, and also is a friend. I’m still grappling with that fact.” Fortunately, Amy had plenty to distract herself from the awkward encounter — good friends and an even better party!Now, months after the filming, Amy’s son Zach, 27, and his wife Tori have welcomed a baby son, Jackson.I also watched her paint still life watercolors, a hobby that substituted for the romance she wished she had had instead of her strained marriage.Even at the age of ten, as I listened to my grandparents’ arguments from the back seat of Grandpa’s caddie, I wondered why they didn’t just get a divorce already.

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Matt and Amy bickered over the cost of installing a sandbox as Caryn offered not-so-welcome suggestions.

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