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However, Judy is the girlfriend of neighborhood tough, Buzz (Corey Allen).When Buzz violently confronts Jim and challenges him to a drag race, the new kid's real troubles begin.The film was originally titled The Blind Run - the same as the title of the series of vignettes, both violent and strangely erotic, that Ray had penned.The actual film's title, Rebel Without a Cause, was the same as the title of Lindner's psychological study - signifying the rebellious and idealistic protagonist's search for a 'cause' - honesty and decency in a hypocritical world.

Judy tells a very patient, sympathetic juvenile-offenders officer, Ray (Edward C. He called me - he called me a dirty tramp, my own father. Magoo) and mother (Ann Doran) arrive at the station to retrieve him. [The label 'chicken' regularly sets Jim off, reminding him of his father who is a weak figure literally 'hen-pecked' by his nagging mother - "she eats him alive and he takes it"]: Jim: They think that they can protect me by moving around all the time. The screenplay (by Stewart Stern from an adaptation by Irving Shulman of an original storyline synopsis by director Nicholas Ray) was based on an actual case study (contained in Dr.Robert Lindner's 1944 factual book titled Rebel Without a Cause: The Story of a Criminal Psychopath) of a delinquent, imprisoned teenage psychopath in the post-war years. Ray tackles what it feels like to be restless, lonely and misunderstood in America’s middle class, with James Dean as the archetypal voice of disaffected youth. 6.30pm£5 per ticket or any 5 films for £20 Individual tickets available online. The iconic performances by the three leads are raw, natural and cut you to the bone.

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