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Her projects in 2012 were hugely successful, with her period drama Moon Embracing the Sun topping the TV ratings chart, and her film Architecture 101 becoming a box office hit. Han Hye Jin (October 27, 1981) - South Korean actress.Han made her breakthrough in 2005 when she starred as a young widow in her 20s working as an outgoing hairdresser in the hit daily drama Be Strong, Geum-soon! Son Ye Jin (January 11, 1982) - South Korean actress.Perhaps so many actresses beauties due to the extreme popularity of plastic surgery in the country? They eagerly look different soap operas, looking forward to the release of new telestories about beautiful and sad love, about friendship or about family stories.

This model, actress, singer and winner of beauty contests.

Actor Yoon Si Yoon was hilariously accused of being a creep on the set of 'Strong Heart' as a photo was brought out on set to evidence these claims.

That is already so awesome every post I’ve written about it has devolved into fangirling screeching that I confess to being the instigator of. The second treat for me was starting to read the webtoon “I Steal Peeks at Him Everyday” which is the basis for this drama, and HOMG is it beyond adorable and hilarious.

When she won’t open the door for him, he eats it all, and later when she opens the door, she finds out that he wrote “You’re crazy!

The Korean actresses admire by the beauty, mysteriousness, femininity.

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