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In the last 12 months, patients in NHS hospitals were placed on mixed-sex wards on 10,110 occasions – up from 6,976 during the previous year.

NHS trusts are fined £250 for every night a patient spends on a mixed-sex ward, meaning many are racking up significant bills at a time when they are already struggling with a lack of resources.

In 2012, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said the Government had “virtually eliminated” them.A year later, he claimed to have “put a stop” to mixed-sex wards and said they were “virtually gone”.Since then, the number of patients forced to sleep alongside members of the opposite sex has increased by more than 300 per cent.All our girls love to get you nice and horny so the sooner you grab that cock the better. These are real phone sex sluts who are just gagging to talk dirty and play with their sexy bodies while you make sure that you are nice and hard for them.All the girls are in the privacy of their own homes on a landline so you can be sure that she will be giving you 100% of her attention.

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