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From what I understand, a typical situation is thus: Packages, the compiler will either (if disabled) include all the DCU files into the EXE, or (if enabled) use an external BPL file, that you'll have to distribute in addition to the EXE.In other words, this is where you decide whether to link third-party components statically into the EXE, or dynamically by loading BPLs at run-time. So, if you find a bad translation, please, contact me to arrange it. GMLib (Google Maps Library) are a components for Delphi/C Builder that encapsulate the Google Maps API and thus be able manage Google maps showing easily the result in a browser (TWeb Browser). Have they been useful and/or have they made easier your job?To set an explicit size for the content, set content to be a HTML element with that size. This can be an HTML element, a plain-text string, or a string containing HTML.A geocode request may return multiple result objects. Geocoder Result object specification Inheritance TObject - Description A single address component within a Geocoder Result.A full address may consist of multiple address components. Geocoder Address Component object specification Inheritance TObject -Returns the area of a closed path.When false, render each edge as a straight line on screen.

Finally, if resource files are used (RES or DCR), Delphi will need those to compile a package successfully. DCU) aren't needed to use a component; They are only needed if you want to compile the component yourself.Some fields in the leg may not be returned for all requests.More information at Directions Leg object specification.If the packages don't change often, it might be a good idea to use dynamic linking, so that you only need to distribute the EXE for updates.On the other hand, dynamic run-time packages contain all the routines, even those that your EXE doesn't use, while, when using statically-linked packages, the IDE will only include stuff that your EXE actually use.

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