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Producing millions of timepieces over their 107-year history, Waltham Watch Company is a landmark in American timekeeping.

They continued to design and produce watches until the late 1940s, when the company went bankrupt.They were better than any that were being made in this country because we just didn’t have the tradition of the crafts here, but the English and Swiss and French made very fine watches in the early 19th century, and we didn’t make any that good probably until at least 10 or 15 years after we began manufacturing them here. They were figuring out how heavy they had to make them to be able to cut the same shape reliably every time and all sorts of things about how to build production machinery that they didn’t really know.If you’re going to make parts automatically and have clamping jaws opening and closing and picking things up and moving them around by machinery, then you need to have a great, strong, and stable base for that machine.The first experiments were at the Springfield Armory for the Civil War. Those techniques were adopted and adapted by the people at Waltham to build pocket watches.: There were some brothers in Connecticut called the Pitkins who made some watches before that, and there was a family near Worcester, Mass. Luther Goddard and Benjamin Goddard and Parley Goddard made watches, but they were handmade watches.

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