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Users would be provided with a simulation seat which had protruding gas and brake pedals at the user's feet and manipulated physical effects to create a motion feeling proportional to the movement in the simulation.Users would also be provided with a simulation steering wheel used to control the simulation.

About twenty seconds later, the subject will enter a temporary state of panic and catatonia which lasts until the subject is exposed to such a song, whether by a live choir or by listening to a recording.

The team that disappeared within SCP-XXXX never exited. Mind Foreword: This is the first Foundation testing of SCP-XXXX. Mind notes that, judging from D-5464's reaction, no apparent sign of the scientists was found. I jumped, then turned to run out of the room, but when I opened his door, the dark was on the other side.

Subject D-5464 is an American male, age 25, with little driving experience. I'll be watching everything from the monitor here." D-5464 hesitates, then walks inside. D-5464 sits on the simulation seat and takes hold of the steering wheel. "Of course." I looked underneath, and found staring back at me… He was lying upside-down against the underside of the bed, with his blankets and teddy bear, exactly how he was above. The monster rushed through the doorway, then all I saw was blackness, and all I felt was myself hitting the floor, followed by a shooting pain right where my heart is. Attempt 1 was a giant spider that could telekinetically disassemble any object and reassemble it into various types of weapons.

, the twelve scientists who created SCP-XXXX entered it in hopes of testing an updated program they had installed.

The update's main purpose was to add several new driving location modes, including nighttime driving.

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