Date same sex marriage became legal in canada

Put differently, where individuals have both rights and responsibilities, marriage falls more in the latter category; it is a responsibility, not a right.

In his book, American family scholar David Blankenhorn says that "a social institution creates and maintains rules, including rules for who is, and is not, a part of the institution… [Such institutions] exist to solve basic problems and meet core needs.” Blankenhorn goes on to say this: “In nearly all human societies marriage is socially approved sexual intercourse between a woman and a man, conceived both as a personal relationship and as an institution, primarily such that any children resulting from the union are—and are understood by the society to be—emotionally, morally, practically, and legally affiliated with both of the parents.” Keeping this definition in mind, any culture which sanctions same-sex marriage will place children’s rights at odds with adult desires.

Certainly, this is not the result of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Many factors have combined to create an atmosphere in which marriage looks to be amorphous -- the introduction of no-fault divorce and increasing rights for cohabiting couples changed how we view the institution.

So what are the Canadian lessons for California and other states that will, in time, face a debate about the redefinition of marriage?

Same-sex reproduction immediately involves a third party.This is largely self-censoring, led by the real possibility that speaking out will result in public maligning, or worse.California is at a crossroads that Canada has already passed.A third battle is over freedom of speech -- the right to publicly advocate traditional marriage can be challenged as homophobic.Secondly, where marriage is not understood as an institution, it cannot be defended adequately in the public square.

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In 342 AD Christian emperors Constantius II prohibited same sex marriage and ordered the execution of all those who were so married.

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